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Photo: Ohio State WR Hilariously Calls Out Student Who Thought He Was J.T. Barrett

If you go to school with a big-time athletic program, taking pictures with student-athletes at a party or bar (or, really, anywhere on campus) is a pretty common activity. 

You'll share the photo with your friends. You'll put it on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. You want the likes. Look who I took a picture with!

The following man recently attempted to do this at Ohio State. He was out in Columbus. He believes he saw star Buckeye quarterback J.T. Barrett. So he took a picture with him and posted it on Twitter. 

One problem: that's not Barrett. That's OSU wide receiver Jeff Greene.


— Jeff Greene (@JGreene_8)

“@dbrennn: JT the man tho” ? not all black guys look alike sorry bro @F_Epitropoulos

— Jeff Greene (@JGreene_8) April 6, 2015

">April 6, 2015


Better luck next time, B.O. Brennan.