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Photo: Ohio State's Braxton Miller Channel's 'The Dark Knight's' Bane While Training

The character Bane in the movie, "The Dark Knight Rises," never gets hurt (until, spoiler alert, the end of the film). He jumps out of a plane, fights Batman, blows up a football stadium, and robs the New York Stock Exchange, doing this while wearing a protective facial mask. He eventually succumbs to Bruce Wayne's secret identity, but only after his mask gets messed with. 

Braxton Miller gets injured a decent amount. The Ohio State quarterback missed nearly three games in 2013, and played much of the Orange Bowl with a hurt shoulder, which had to be operated on this offseason. 

It appears the Heisman candidate is channeling his inner-Bane while working out. 

That's, of course, a training mask that helps more with stamina than it does injury prevention, but it at least looks like the one Bane wears. If Miller has a major fault, it's his inability to seemingly stay healthy for an entire season. If he can stay on the field for each game this fall, Ohio State could go undefeated for the third-straight regular season.