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Photo: Ohio State's Yet-To-Be-Released Alternate Helmet For 2016 Could Reportedly Be A 'Leather' One

Ohio State's alternate uniform for the 2016 season was unveiled on Sunday morning. 

The Buckeyes, who typically wear at least one alternate uniform every season, will be wearing a throwback uniform that honors OSU's 1916 Western Conference (now Big Ten) championship team. 

Here's the jersey. 

">@Bucknuts247) is Ohio State's 2016 alternate uniform:

— Andrew Lind (@AndrewMLind)

Can confirm that this jersey (via @Bucknuts247) is Ohio State's 2016 alternate uniform:

— Andrew Lind (@AndrewMLind) June 5, 2016

">June 5, 2016

As you can see, the helmet for this alternate uniform has yet to be revealed.

However, Andrew Lind of the Tidewater News and says that a company, Hydro Graphics Inc., is working on a "leather" helmet. 

Lind posted a mockup of the helmet on

You can view Lind's complete Ohio State uniform database here. It's worth a look.