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Photo: Wisconsin's Nigel Hayes Makes A Cardale Jones Joke In Instagram Post About 1st Day Of School

Even with Big Ten and National Championship wins under his belt, some will always associate Cardale Jones with a tweet he sent as a freshman, where he infamously stated that he didn't go to Ohio State to "play school." Jones has moved on well from the gaffe, but jokes still come up here and there, even from Jones' Buckeye teammates. Wisconsin basketball star Nigel Hayes began junior year classes this week, and posted a pretty funny Instagram photo of he and a professor, with a "play school" joke snuck in there.

We're sure, as a fellow Big Ten star athlete, he makes the joke out of respect to Jones more than anything. It is hard to doubt his commitment to Ohio State at this point.

Hayes also tags the post (and the chalkboard) with #LFDOS, which we would guess means Last First Day of School. He's only a junior, but we'd enjoy him while you have him, Badgers fans.