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Photos: New Ohio State Basketball Jerseys And Shorts Revealed

New unis for the Buckeyes

It's been a busy day in the uniform department for Ohio State, as new shorts and gray jerseys have been leaked online. First, Land-Grant Holy Land's Andrew Lind tweeted out these "throwback" shorts:

Shortly afterwards, The Buckeye Room passed along images of new gray jerseys that were sent along from Nike:

According to Land-Grant Holy Land, these two articles seem to be parts of new throwback uniforms, and based on the colors, there may be both gray and red versions coming this year:

A Nike source confirmed to our Andrew Lind earlier today that none of the jerseys worn by Nike schools this season in the same style as the ones worn by Michigan State a week or so back would be true "throwback" uniforms, and that "fauxback" is probably a more accurate term to use... These uniforms would certainly fit that description, although as they're gray and the shorts were scarlet, it's very possible Nike produced two versions of the uniforms (which is rather common practice in their and Ohio State's dealings).

As we move into February and the heart of Big 10 play, it will be interesting to see when the Buckeyes unveil these new threads on the court.

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