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Photos: Ohio State Receivers Got Customized "Zone 6" Dog Tags For Christmas

Ohio State's wide receiver unit goes by the name "Zone 6," which is also how the group refers to the end zone. The receivers have been wearing stickers on their shoes and warm-ups this year, after the term was coined by Dontre Wilson:

Zone 6, Smith said, was coined by sophomore receiver Dontre Wilson in the spring. It's named for the endzone, where the receivers want to pick up six points. Spencer said Smith designed the stickers that the receivers have worn on their shoes all season and started adding to their warmups before the Michigan State game.

Now, as a Christmas gift, the group has customized Zone 6 dog tags.

">January 10, 2015

">January 10, 2015

Ohio State's injury issues at quarterback have been well publicized, but credit the receivers with helping keep the offense together. The whole unit has excelled this year, and Ohio State has one of the nation's most dangerous offenses, no matter who plays quarterback, as a result.