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Photos: Ohio State's New Player Entrance Tunnel Is Complete, It Looks Incredible

Wednesday, we showed you a couple photos of Ohio State's new player entrance tunnel at Ohio Stadium. The Buckeyes' playing arena has undergone some renovations this offseason, adding 2,500 seats to the south end zone, basically getting rid of the stadium's horseshoe-like structure. 

A little more than 48 hours until the Buckeyes take on Virginia Tech at Ohio Stadium, the tunnel has been completed. 

It looks incredible: 

">September 4, 2014

">September 3, 2014

">September 3, 2014



— Beau Bishop (@BeauBishop) September 3, 2014

">@BeauBishop Here it is lit up.” // It's all happening!

— BEAU BISHOP (@BeauBishop)

@LoriSchmidt: @BeauBishop Here it is lit up.” // It's all happening!

— Beau Bishop (@BeauBishop) September 4, 2014

">September 4, 2014

">August 23, 2014

The atmosphere Ohio State players enter when coming out of the tunnel Saturday night will be pretty incredible, too. LeBron James is expected to be in attendance and the Buckeyes are going to be wearing alternate uniforms.

Ohio State and Virginia Tech are set to kickoff at 8 p.m. E.T.