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Photo: Urban Meyer Was Spotted Wearing Blue Last Night

Urban Meyer is Wearing a Blue polo.

Urban Meyer Wearing Blue

On Ohio State football's color palette, blue doesn't really exist. You won't find the color anywhere inside the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. If you dare to wear it in front of the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer will make you change, kick you out of the facility or force you to do some push-ups

Meyer was wearing the very color he has problem with last night. 

The Ohio State coach was in Chicago for a football coaches conference, so he took in a Cubs-Dodgers game at Wrigley Field. And he wore a blue polo. 


— Braves Craig (@CraigDesign)

Def Urban Meyer at Wrigley.

— Craig P (@CraigDesign) June 23, 2015

">June 23, 2015

We'll cut Urban some slack here because that looks like a royal blue and not the navy blue sported by his rival (Michigan). It's also a color worn by the two baseball teams he was watching play. 

He won't be wearing that polo inside the Buckeyes' facility, though.