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PredictionMachine Says J.T. Barrett Is Ohio State's Best Starting QB For 2015

Which quarterback should start for Ohio State this fall? 

According to PredictionMachine, a sports forecasting software that attempts to simulate future results, the Buckeyes' starter should be J.T. Barrett. 

PredictionMachine ran Ohio State's season 50,000 times with each quarterback - Barrett, Cardale Jones and Braxton Miller - as the starter. Barrett had the best results, though it was very close. 

">July 16, 2015

Here are the full results from PredictionMachine:

Prediction Machine says that JT Barrett is the best option at quarterback for Ohio State for the 2015 football season.


What this really proves is that Ohio State is absolutely loaded at the quarterback position and Urban Meyer probably can't go wrong with any of this three choices. 

Good luck stopping the Buckeyes' offense this fall, college football defenses.