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Rapper Plies Shouts Out Braxton Miller On Twitter, Calls Him "The Truth"

Plies calls out Braxton Miller.

Ohio State wide receiver Braxton Miller is one hack of a football player, and because of this has adoring fans all over the country. 

During his time in Columbus, Miller has excelled at multiple positions. He has accumulated 5,295 passing yards, 3,288 rushing yards, 329 receiving yards and has accounted for 88 career touchdowns. These numbers are enough to make anybody a fan - even a famous rapper. 

Sunday afternoon, rapper Plies decided to shout Miller out via Twitter, calling him "The Truth."

">@BraxtonMiller5 <----- The Truth.. Double Salute bruh

— Plies (@plies)

@BraxtonMiller5 <----- The Truth.. Double Salute bruh

— Plies (@plies) December 20, 2015

">December 20, 2015

Didn't realize Plies was a football fan, but pretty cool of him to gives props to the Buckeye.