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Report: Urban Meyer, Former Florida Head Coach, Allegedly Turned Gators In For Recruiting Violations


Update: Meyer has responded by sending a text to The Columbus Dispatch:

"It is absolutely not true that I turned in the University of Florida."

You can read the Dispatch report here.

Earlier: Well, this is sure to set the college football world on fire. Urban Meyer, once hailed as hero in Gainesville, is apparently not afraid to strike low blows.

According to a report by Clay Travis of OTC, Meyer turned in Florida assistant coach Brian White to the NCAA for an alleged recruiting "bump" -- a secondary violation that involves a coach deliberately "bumping into" a player during a recruiting dead period. The worst part? Not only is Meyer the former coach of the Gators, but he actually hired White himself.

So much for the "circle of trust."

From Travis' report:

Meyer's willingness to turn in a former coach — one he hired — as well as the program he led for six seasons is unheard of in college athletics. Indeed, no one Outkick the Coverage talked with could recall a former coach turning in his former program and a former assistant coach. [...] While no wrongdoing was uncovered based on White's alleged violation, the top recruit that both Ohio State and Florida were pursuing recently announced his final five choices: Alabama, Notre Dame, Miami, Rutgers and Ohio State. No Florida.

Of course, this begs several questions: Did an actual bumping violation occur? How did Meyer know of it -- was it a common practice while he was at Florida? What about the relationship between Meyer and White -- where's the loyalty? We definitely need a few answers.

The NCAA’s investigation into the bump in the spring uncovered no wrongdoing, according to Travis. We’ll keep you updated if more comes out of this situation.