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Reports: Ohio State's JaQuan Lyle "Confirmed Allegations" During NCAA Interview About Louisville Recruitment

Last week, a Louisville-area madame dropped a bomb on the Cardinals basketball program, releasing a book alleging that former graduate assistant Andre McGee had paid escorts to have sex with high-profile UL recruits. Two of the recruits in question are high profile freshman guards for other programs: LSU's Antonio Blakeney and Ohio State's JaQuan Lyle. According to Yahoo's Pat Forde, Lyle, who was once committed to Louisville, was interviewed by the NCAA about his recruitment.

NCAA investigators interviewed Ohio State freshman JaQuan Lyle on Tuesday about his recruitment by Louisville, an Ohio State spokesman confirmed to Yahoo Sports.

Lyle is named during one portion of the book:

“Been a long time since we’ve been up to U of L to do a show. McGee texted me like, what’s up? He wanted me to bring three girls up there for a new recruit named JaQuan Lyle, he and his friend. I took (escorts) Rod-Ni, TooTall, Jazmine and Shay, who calls herself Sammi. TooTall made $100, Shay made $100, and Jazzy made nothing because she did absolutely nothing."

On Monday, June 10, 2013, Powell allegedly texted McGee: “Hey Andre what was the name of the recruit the tall chic was with Saturday.” McGee allegedly responded: “jaquan lyles (sic) ... some other dudes is looking for tall chick.” The book says that was part of a 22-text exchange between Powell and McGee pertaining to Lyle’s visit.

According to CBS Sports' Gary Parrish, Lyle confirmed the allegations during the interview.

Ohio State freshman JaQuan Lyle spoke with an NCAA investigator this week about his recruiting visit to Louisville in June 2013 and confirmed the gist of allegations involving paid escorts during his trip to the school, a source with knowledge of the NCAA's investigation told CBS Sports on Thursday morning.

"He told the truth," the source said.

SNY's Adam Zagoria has more on the issue, and the penalties Lyle could have faced if he did not comply with the investigation.

“The NCAA already knows the answers to every question they are going to ask,” a source told “[Lyle] had to tell them or he was going to get hit with the amateurism issue on benefits.”

Ohio State spokesman Dan Wallenberg told Yahoo that the program is not concerned about Lyle's eligibility going forward. The NCAA does not move very quickly on investigations like this, so we may not know the full impact on Louisville for some time. Based on these reports, things aren't looking good for the Cardinals, though.

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