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Ryan Day Has An Idea For The Big Ten's Spring Schedule

A closeup of Ohio State football coach Ryan Day during an Ohio State football press conference during Big Ten Championship Week.

COLUMBUS, OH - DECEMBER 04: Offensive coordinator Ryan Day of the Ohio State Buckeyes answers a question during a press conference at Ohio State University on December 4, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. At the press conference head coach Urban Meyer announced his retirement and Day was announced as the next head coach. Meyer will continue to coach until after the Ohio State Buckeyes play in the Rose Bowl. (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

Ryan Day will have a unique experience in his second year at the helm for Ohio State to be sure.

The Big Ten has canceled fall football and pushed it off to the spring, though many people are skeptical that such a move can work. But Day believes there's a way to get it done.

According to Eleven Warriors, Day feels that an eight- or nine-game schedule in the spring would be ideal. His idea calls for the start of the season in the first week of January.

Day noted a litany of reasons that an earlier start would be better. For starters, it gives his current players an opportunity to play during the 2020-21 academic year.

Then there's the potential consequences in recruiting. A ton of players receiving an extra year of eligibility will create a massive surplus of players on the roster.

“Our staff, we’ve met on this with Gene and I think that starting the first week of January would be the best way to go,” Day said. “And that way there is some separation between that season and the next season.”

“We have to play in January, February and March for that very (recruiting) reason. So that’s why we’re gonna work really, really hard and keep our focus on that.”

There's a lot of uncertainty about the future of college football - not just at Ohio State or the Big Ten, but all across the country.

Someone is going to have to come up with a solution soon though. The entire sport may be turned upside down permanently if it isn't.