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Watch: Ryan Shazier Walked Onstage, Delivered Steelers' 1st-Round Pick

Ryan Shazier walks onstage at NFL Draft.

We just had the moment of the night at the 2018 NFL Draft, and it had nothing to do with the player who was chosen and everything to do with who delivered the pick.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier, who is recovering from a devastating spinal injury suffered in a game that left him temporarily unable to walk, walked onstage to deliver Pittsburgh's first-round selection.

Accompanied by his fiance, Shazier walked slowly and determinedly to the podium. He's clearly still struggling, but the progress he's made is incredible.

Try and watch this video without getting chills.

Shazier still wants to play in the NFL again. We're not sure if that will happen, or even if he should.

Still, the way he's fought and the courage he's shown so far is incredible. That's a special dude right there.

We wish him all the best as he continues his recovery.

Catch the end of the first round of the NFL Draft on ESPN, Fox and NFL Network.