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SB Nation Writer Thinks Big Ten Needs To Add UConn

The Big 12 no longer needs to add any programs to hold a championship game, but Oklahoma president David Boren still thinks the league should figure out a way to get to at least 12 teams. If it does, expect UConn to at least get a look regarding potential membership.

One SB Nation writer - Kyle Robbins - thinks that the Big Ten instead should jump in front of the Big 12 and add the Huskies. Why? He lists a few reasons:

1. The Big Ten should stop a competitor from infiltrating a market it has recently entered.
2. Adding UConn would make New York City more of a Big Ten town than it currently is.
3. Adding UConn could help the Big Ten get another big ACC player.
4. The Big Ten adding UConn first could upset some Big 12 schools, eventually causing the Big 12 to "blow up."

Robbins goes into great detail on each of his reasons - you can read more here.

What do you think? Does UConn to the Big Ten make sense? Or would it simply be a defensive move?