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Some Ohio State Students Are Petitioning To End Offensive Kickoff Chant

A call for change for sportsmanship's sake.

Ohio State fans make up what is known as one of the largest and most passionate fan bases in the country. The student section, Block O, is particularly great at bringing energy to the game and getting behind the team. The section has recently had some fun creating humorous pictures, forming Despicable Meminions and smiley faces in the crowd.

However, not all of the energy being brought to the table is considered positive. In particular, one kickoff tradition is becoming very frowned upon -- a petition has been started for the student section to do away with a chant that occurs during kickoff.

The chant?

"O-H-I-O! Rip his f#*!ing head off!"

Not everyone in the student section participates in the chant, but it's popular enough that it can sometimes be picked up on television broadcasts.

(Note: video is NSFW)

The petition describes the chant as "embarrassing, disrespectful, and not representative of The Ohio State University." Naturally, others feel that not allowing it to continue would be restrictive of free speech.

Ending the chant would be a step in the right direction of promoting sportsmanship, but this may be a tough challenge given the natural resistance to change of student traditions. It will be interesting to see if this gains momentum going forward.