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Someone Is Trying To Trade Purdue To Another Conference On The Columbus, Ohio Craigslist Board

The Big Ten is not having a great afternoon, with Nebraska, Penn State, and Illinois struggling with McNeese State, Akron, and Western Kentucky, respectively. However, no one in the conference is having a worse afternoon than the lowly Purdue Boilermakers, who trail Central Michigan, a MAC school that struggled against Chattanooga last weekend, at home 31-17 midway through the fourth quarter.

One hopeful Big Ten fan is taking it upon himself to find a better conference mate. There is a listing on the Columbus, Ohio Craigslist board, asking another conference, even Conference USA, to trade a school for Purdue. The poster doesn't seem to care who the Big Ten gets in return.

If you really want to shop Purdue, Jim Delany, perhaps make it a bit more subtle. You must have Britton Banowsky's e-mail, right?

[Land-Grant Holy Land]