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Sporting News Ranks OSU Basketball No. 3 In Nation

Do you believe they are overrated, underrated, or picked right on at No. 3?

According to Sporting News, Ohio State has the third best basketball team in the nation this year. With Aaron Craft at the point and Amir Williams being the big man down low, the Buckeyes are projected to have one of the best defenses in the nation. Their only concern is the fact that other players need to step up when Deshaun Thomas is either shutdown on the offensive side of the ball or is just having a cold-shooting game.

Along with Ohio State, the Big Ten has two other teams in the top 10 (No. 1 Indiana and No. 5 Michigan). It appears that the Big Ten is by far the best conference in basketball this year. This both has a positive and negative affect for the Buckeyes. The negative part about this is the fact that their schedule will be very hard, especially when Big Ten season rolls around. The positive side of being in the Big Ten is the fact that having such a tough schedule will ready them for March, which is the most important part of the season.

Although No. 3 may be a little overrated, I agree with the fact that Ohio State has one of the best defensive teams in the nation. Also, if other players can step up on the offensive side of the ball, the Buckeyes are going to have a very good season and could make a deep run in March.