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Sports Book Bovada Releases Odds On Where LeBron James Will Sign This Summer

LeBron James cheers on the Ohio State football team.

LeBron James Ohio State

LeBron James just brought Cleveland its first title since 1964, so it's likely that he re-signs with the Cavaliers for at least one more year. But between James' past and the NBA's ever-changing salary cap rules, anything is possible.

If you aren't a believer that James will stick around in Cleveland, you can now put your money where your mouth is. Bovada, an offshore sports book, has odds on fives teams landing LeBron's services. They are - the Cavs, the Heat, the Lakers, the Clippers and the Knicks.

The Cavs come in at 1/4, meaning you'd need to bet $40 just to make $10. The Heat (5/1), Lakers (6/1), Clippers (11/1) and Knicks (15/1) pay off far better.

">June 21, 2016

Will LeBron head elsewhere to find a new challenge? Or will he try to repeat with the team he's already got?

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