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Stephen A. Smith Weighs In On Whether Urban Meyer's Punishment Was Enough

Stephen A. Smith cannot even.

After Wednesday night's Ohio State press conference, during which it was announced that Urban Meyer will be suspended for the first three games of the Buckeyes season, we've gotten opinions from just about everyone in sports.

Naturally, that includes the stars of ESPN's First Take.

Stephen A. Smith says that he went into the press conference thinking that Meyer should have been suspended, for more games than he ultimately got. Smith thought five games, which would have included a marquee match-up against Penn State, would have sufficed.

After Urban Meyer's poorly received press conference performance, Stephen A. Smith's opinion changed.

Now, he thinks that Meyer should have been fired, based on a lack of empathy shown for Courtney Smith, in light of the allegations made against her ex-husband, former Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith.

From Smith's discussion with host Molly Qerim Rose:

Qerim Rose: "Was the three-game suspension enough?"

Smith: "Absolutely not. The suspension should have been far more severe. And I'm of the mindset in this particular moment in time, I'm upset that Urban Meyer has not been fired. I did not feel that way until I saw the press conference last night.

Prior to the press conference, I thought it should have been a minimum of five games. I thought that he certainly shuld have missed the game against Penn State coming up. Give me a couple of Big Ten games on the schedule.

Clearly he lied. Clearly he got caught. There is no doubt about that. But then you watched him in the press conference last night. No contrition whatsoever. No remorse. No regrets. Couldn't even mention Courtney Smith's name. It was just an absolute disgrace."

Qerim Rose: "Couldn't even acknowledge her."

Smith: "Couldn't even acknowledge her. What I saw was an individual that came across as if he were offended that he even had to be there. That clearly was pointing the finger of blame in her direction. And I saw a university, The Ohio State, essentially embarrass itself."

Smith definitely isn't alone in that reaction to the press conference, especially among those who are not Buckeye fans.