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Terrelle Pryor Is Dominating Today

Terrelle Pryor appears to be pretty good at this wide receiver thing.

Terrelle Pryor, formerly a quarterback at both Ohio State and in the NFL, has made the position switch to wide receiver, and it's going fairly well.

The Cleveland Browns' wideout has today been matched up against one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL, Josh Norman, and Pryor is winning.

Pryor, 27, just caught a touchdown pass with Norman covering him to tie the game against the Washington Redskins at 14-14.

ESPN's John Keim, who covers the Redskins, says this about Pryor:

The Redskins are having a tough time dealing with receiver Terrelle Pryor. He has the size to box out corner Josh Norman on slants and the speed to get free vs. double coverage, as he did on the nine-yard touchdown catch when he sped away from Norman and safety Will Blackmon.

Pryor has four catches for 42 yards and a TD so far today.

The Browns and the Redskins are playing on CBS.