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Video: Terrelle Pryor Gives Crowd "O-H" As He Runs Out Of The Tunnel

Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor represented the Buckeyes well today.

Unless you've just come out of a coma, you're probably aware that the Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines faced off yesterday, and you're probably also aware of how it ended: The Buckeyes won in double-overtime, 30-27. (If you didn't watch the game, go do so now).

In light of that result, Former Buckeyes quarterback and 2010 Rose Bowl MVP Terrelle Pryor gave the Cleveland Browns crowd exactly what they wanted as he exited the locker room today to take on the New York Giants.

Check it out:

Pretty cool!

Ohio residents have had a pretty good sports year, but the Browns are still dreadful and will probably lose today. I'm very confident in saying that Pryor giving the O-H will be the highlight of the game for Browns fans. At the very least, they can take pride in the face that the Ohio State product is the one bright spot for the Browns.