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Terrelle Pryor Says He Was Wrong For Breaking NCAA Rules At Ohio State, Supports Decision In O'Bannon Lawsuit

It's been a few years since former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor left Columbus after being accused of receiving impermissible benefits. After looking back on the situation, Pryor told ESPN on Tuesday that he admits that he was wrong for breaking the NCAA's rules. However, the current Seattle Seahawks quarterback admits that his intentions were in the right place, even if he did hurt people in the Buckeye community.

"It was a rule, I broke it and I was wrong for that," Pryor said of his NCAA violation. "At the time, I was getting in trouble -- and I don't even call it being in trouble. I don't think helping my mother, who was in need, is being in trouble. I'll never regret that. The only thing I regret is hurting certain fans, teammates and coaches."

Pryor also became the latest person to support the recent decision in the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit, saying that, "when I was at Ohio State, all you see is red jerseys in the stands and you see a lot of No. 2s." Pryor also stated that that he thinks it's wrong that athletes take easy classes so that they're academically eligible, but when their careers end, they don't learn anything because the classes they took don't prepare them for life after sports.