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Terrelle Pryor Says Ohio State Doesn't Accept Him, "Kicked Me Out Of School"

Harsh words.

Terrelle Pryor is just starting to make his mark in the NFL -- he gained his first victory this weekend as starting quarterback for the Oakland Raiders, and has the opportunity to establish himself as one of the league's promising young quarterbacks. However, he is still better known for his college days and is often asked about his career with the Ohio State Buckeyes.

After the win over the Jaguars this weekend, Pryor had some harsh commentary about his former school. Per The Columbus Dispatch:

“That’s my school, but they don’t really accept me. I’ve moved on to what I have now, and that’s just football.


Those guys kicked me out of school after all those things I did for them."

An Oakland official stepped in after the comments and directed questions back to Pryor's NFL career.

Pryor's time at Ohio State resulted in the bowl ban for the Buckeyes as part of NCAA sanctions for the infamous tattoo scandal. However, he also amassed a 31-4 record during his time at the school and led the Buckeyes to three Big Ten titles. Given the success he brought the program, it's easy to understand why he may feel betrayed about a less-than-perfect breakup.

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