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Terrifying For Rest Of College Football: Ohio State's Practicing A Speed Option With Cardale Jones and Braxton Miller

Think back to this past January's College Football Playoff. What plays stand out? 

For us, it's Ohio State's bulldozer of a quarterback, Cardale Jones, running through Alabama and Oregon's defensive fronts. Over, and over, and over. 

Imagine him doing that this season, only now, the Buckeyes' QB has the option to take it wide and pitch the ball to Braxton Miller, perhaps the most-gifted running quarterback the college football world has seen in recent seasons. 

It's a frightening thought for OSU's opponents. And it might be a reality this fall. 

Ohio State is practicing the speed option with Jones and Miller at practice Friday morning. 

">August 14, 2015

Good luck attempting to stop that, college football defenses.