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Former Ohio State Basketball Player Mark Titus: "Thad Matta Was Fired, Make No Mistake About That"

Thad Matta speaking at a Big Ten press conference.

While Ohio State framed Thad Matta's departure as a mutual decision, former Buckeye walk-on Mark Titus, now a writer for The Ringer, doesn't buy it.

The day after the Matta news dropped, Titus appeared on his college basketball podcast "T'd Up" to discuss what happened to his former head coach. He didn't mince words either: he believes that Matta was straight up fired, and he's not happy.

"Thad Matta was fired. And he was fired, make no mistake about that. The way they dressed it up was this was a mutual decision... If you watched the press conference you could tell that he did not want this to happen, and that was the biggest tell. Beyond that... everything that happened, he was fired. Gene Smith said 'we don't want you anymore, get out of here.'"

Titus said that he wants to speak to Matta before making a full judgment, but his first reaction too the news is very strong as well.

"My gut reaction is that I'm really f--king pissed off. I'm really pissed off."

Here is the full podcast, which is entirely about the Matta news, his impact on Ohio State basketball, and where the Buckeyes go from here.

Titus wrote a longer piece about his former head coach, where he is less forward about his belief that Matta was straight-up fired.

Maybe he was out-and-out fired, or maybe the situation laid out at Monday’s press conference was the result of some sort of negotiation between Smith and Matta. I don’t know the details. I just know that I’ve often thought about what the end of Matta’s career might look like, and I sure as hell never came up with anything close to what ultimately happened.

The former Buckeye walk-on is not alone in thinking that Matta was pushed out the door. Smith, the Ohio State AD, himself referenced lagging recruiting when discussing the decision.

Ohio State has reportedly offered the job to Creighton's Doug McDermott. There is no word yet whether he'll accept.

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