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The 10 Most Exciting Offenses To Watch In College Football This Season

Football's with South Carolina's logo on them.

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Unless you have a television setup similar to Lucius Fox’s in Bruce Wayne’s makeshift Bat Cave in “The Dark Knight,” you likely won’t be able to watch every college football game of the 2014 season. 

So, you’ll have to be picky with your viewing.

Of course, you’ll watch each of your favorite team’s games, and, probably, ABC’s national game at night.

What else should you watch, though? How should you go about deciding what contests you’ll view each weekend?

If you like football, you probably like offense. You enjoy seeing teams march up and down the field while scoring a lot of points. You adore big plays, whether it’s a 60-yard pass or a 50-yard scamper on the ground. You’re a fan of the throw me the ball and watch what I do with it concept with the country’s best players.

Because you like offense, you should watch games that feature teams that play offense well.

Since we’re here to help you with your college football watching, we’ve compiled a list of The 10 Most Exciting Offenses To Watch In College Football This Season.

Some of these teams score a lot of points or play a ridiculously fast tempo, others sport an offensive player or two that are 1. Really good and/or 2. Very hyped up.

Either way, they’re entertaining to watch. These are the 10 teams whose games you should be viewing this fall. 

Start with No. 10, Georgia >>>

No. 10, Georgia

2013 stats: 

  • 36.7 points per game, 22nd in the country
  • 314 passing yards per game, 16th in the country
  • 169.9 rushing yards per game, 66th in the country

The Georgia offense will be fun to watch in 2014 due to two people, basically: Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall. 

With Aaron Murray's departure to the NFL, the Bulldogs (one of the best passing teams in the country in 2013), should lean more heavily on the rushing attack this fall. They're pretty well equipped to do that, too. Gurley and Marshall are likely the best 1-2 running back combination in the country. 

Gurley, a Heisman candidate, has 13 100-yard games and has rushed for 27 TDs in his career. Marshall, who tore his ACL last season, played in just five games in 2013, but he's a former top-50 recruit that once did this in a 2012 contest against Tennessee: 

Gurley sometimes provides entertainment when he chooses to run without his helmet:

Both players are expected to be close to 100 percent healthy come the start of the season. Georgia opens its 2014 campaign at home against Clemson. If that contest is anything like last year's, it'll be a must watch.

Next: No. 9, Texas A&M >>>

No. 9, Texas A&M

2013 stats:

  • 44.2 points per game, 5th in the country
  • 353 passing yards per game, 8th in the country
  • 185 rushing yards per game, 45th in the country

Before I'm bombarded with "Johnny Manziel is gone, you idiot!" comments, yes, I'm aware the former Heisman winner no longer plays for the Aggies. His star wide receiver, Mike Evans, is gone, too. 

Are you aware, though, that Kevin Sumlin is one of the brightest offensive minds in the country? Because he is. As an assistant at Oklahoma, the Sooners routinely ranked near the top of the nation in total offense. The same can be said for when he was the head coach at Houston. This has also been true during his time in College Station. 

The Aggies will spread it out, using their speed both vertically and horizontally. They'll often march up and down the field with ease and score a lot of points, just like they did with Manziel. 

How exciting Texas A&M will be likely depends on who starts at quarterback. The options are Kyle Allen, the true freshman pro-style, former five-star quarterback, or Kenny Hill, the dual-threat redshirt sophomore. 

Sumlin hasn't given much insight into who will win that battle. 

"I didn't come here to tell you who the QB is gonna be. That situation will play itself out," the coach said at SEC Media Days last week. 

It probably won't matter too much, though. Texas A&M will either be really fun to watch passing the ball or running the ball. The only part of that sentence you need to worry about: the Aggies will be fun to watch. 

Texas A&M starts the 2014 season Aug. 28 at South Carolina. 

Next: No. 8, Ole Miss >>>

No. 8, Ole Miss 

2013 stats: 

  • 30 points per game, 58th in the country
  • 283 passing yards per game, 24th in the country
  • 190 rushing yards per game, 47th in the country

Ole Miss' stats from 2013 don't jump off the page, and neither do a ton of the names on the Rebels' depth chart. 

They've got a very good quarterback in Bo Wallace, one of the most talented wide receivers in the country in Laquon Treadwell, and they play fast. 

The man behind Ole Miss' offense seems to know what he's doing, too. 

Ole Miss' offense will get a lot of chances to showcase how good it is.

The Rebels play Alabama and LSU during the season's first two months. Ole Miss opens up Aug. 28 against Boise State. 

Next: No. 7, LSU >>>

No. 7, LSU

2013 stats:

  • 35.8 points per game, 24th in the country
  • 251 passing yards per game, 46th in the country
  • 202 rushing yards per game, 29th in the country

Ignore LSU's 2013 stats. They're irrelevant. 

All that really matters about the Tigers' offense this upcoming season is one word: freshmen. 

LSU could (is likely to) start a true freshman at both quarterback and running back in Brandon Harris and Leonard Fournette, the latter of whom has drawn comparisons to both Michael Jordan and Adrian Peterson. 

So, "exciting" might not be the best word to describe LSU's offense this fall. The Tigers are likely better viewed as "intriguing."

How much of this will we see this season? 

If we only see a small fraction of what was displayed in that highlight video, LSU will be incredibly fun to watch.

The Tigers start the 2014 season Aug. 30 against Wisconsin. 

Next: No. 6, Florida State >>>

No. 6, Florida State

2013 stats: 

  • 51.6 points per game, 2nd in the country
  • 315 passing yards per game, 15th in the country
  • 203 rushing yards per game, 28th in the country

Pay close attention to Florida State's 2013 stats. They're very relevant. In all likelihood, the Seminoles offense will come close to duplicating (or surpassing) their performance from a season ago. 

Back is Heisman winner Jameis Winston, many of the playmakers on the outside, and four starters on the offensive line Winston calls the "best in the country." 

"Our offensive line is the best offensive line in the country, and I repeat that Florida State's offensive line is the best offensive line in the country," Winston said at ACC Media Days. 

The majority of the offensive line coming back means Winston will have the time to make plays like this, which will always be fun to watch. 

The only reason Florida State isn't higher on this list is because we've seen before much of what we'll see from the Seminoles this season.

Florida State opens its 2014 season Aug. 30 against Oklahoma State at AT&T Stadium. 

Next: No. 5, Auburn >>>

No. 5, Auburn

2013 stats:

  • 39.5 points per game, 13th in the country
  • 173 passing yards per game, 109th in the country
  • 328.3 rushing yards per game, 1st in the country

Much of what was said about Florida State can be said about the team the Seminoles defeated in last season's BCS National Championship Game. 

Auburn returns much of the talent from its offense that propelled the Tigers to an SEC championship and national title berth in 2013, including quarterback Nick Marshall, who was a first-team All-SEC selection at SEC Media Days last week. 

With running back Tre Mason gone, more responsibility will be shifted to Marshall. That's OK, though. Marshall's so good he can complete passes to himself. Who doesn't enjoy watching that? 

If Marshall can do that a couple more times in 2014, watching Auburn's games will be more than worth it.

Auburn opens the 2014 season Aug. 30 against Arkansas. 

Next: No. 4, UCLA >>>

No. 4, UCLA 

2013 stats: 

  • 36.9 points per game, 21st in the country
  • 251 passing yards per game, 45th in the country
  • 196.6 rushing yards per game, 35th in the country

Last September, Nebraska appeared to be on the verge of notching an impressive victory against a top-20 UCLA team. The Huskers led, 21-3, and then, in a scoring frenzy that happened so quick it seemed blurry, they didn't. 

UCLA rallied from 18 points down to beat Nebraska in Memorial Stadium, scoring 38 unanswered points.