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The 5 Most Overrated Teams In The Week 12 Coaches’ Poll

It was another wild weekend of college football, one packed full of overtime thrillers and upset victories, and the latest Coaches' Poll reflects the chaos. 

Eight different top-25 teams fell in defeat - four in the top 10 - causing tons of movement in the rankings. Oklahoma, led by quarterback Baker Mayfield, handed Baylor its first loss of the season Saturday night in Waco, Texas, bringing an end to the Bears' title hopes. LSU was unable to bounce back after a devastating loss to Alabama, dropping a shocker to Arkansas, and Oregon probably brought an end to Stanford's playoff hopes. 

Two teams from last week's list - including the most overrated - finished the weekend with a loss, and a couple more may face the same fate in the coming weeks. 

A number of teams remained on cruise control without any challenges, while others narrowly escaped defeat. We’ll continue to work our way through the Coaches’ Poll each week to find the impostors and bring more significance to the rankings that have been earned. Don’t believe everything you see in the polls.

5th Most Overrated: No. 2 Ohio State >>>

5. No. 2 Ohio State

Ohio State finally surrendered the No. 1 spot to Clemson in this week's Coaches' Poll, but it is again ranked ahead of a team that has clearly been better than the Buckeyes for several weeks now - Alabama. 

Even with the return of starting quarterback J.T. Barrett, the Buckeyes looked vulnerable on the offensive side of the ball, defeating a four-loss Illinois team, 28-3, Saturday afternoon. They were never going to lose the game against a bad Illinois team, but the Buckeyes weren't as dominant as many expected them to be. 

With all that being said, OSU will have a chance to truly prove itself this weekend against Michigan State. The Spartans will be the Buckeyes' biggest challenge to date, by a long shot. If Urban Meyer's team can put it together and pull out the win against MSU, it will officially be the most impressive performance of the season.

However, as of right this moment, Ohio State has not been better than Alabama and should not be ranked ahead of the Tide.

4th Most Overrated: No. 6 Iowa >>>

4. No. 6 Iowa

I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't believe in this Iowa team, and I just don't believe it's the sixth best team in the country. In my eyes, the Hawkeyes are destined to lose the Big Ten championship. And if they're not careful, the final regular season game against Nebraska could sneak up on them.

There is no margin of error for this team because of the schedule it's played, and I'm afraid time is running out. 

On the surface, Iowa is ranked ahead of a handful of teams that would beat the Hawkeyes in a head-to-head matchup, including Oklahoma, Florida and Michigan State, to name a few. 

Iowa controls its own fate, though. If it makes it through the schedule - and the Big Ten title game - undefeated, everything will work itself out for the Hawkeyes. Until then, this is not the sixth best team in the country.

3rd Most Overrated: No. 8 Florida >>>

3. No. 8 Florida

The Florida Gators have clinched the SEC East, but that alone should not make them the eighth best team in the country. The Gators have an excellent defense, which has undoubtedly helped in their campaign, but their offense has been ugly and inconsistent at best. 

A schedule that once looked steep now looks average, and the loss against LSU, with the Tigers currently on a two-game losing streak for the ages, doesn't do the Gators any favors. Even if Florida pulls out a win against Florida State, it won't mean as much because the Seminoles already have two losses and won't finish as conference champions. But non of this will matter by the time the SEC title game comes around. 

Florida will not win the SEC, plain and simple. The offense is not good enough to do so, and Alabama should crush the Gators. If somehow UF manages to pull out victories against both FSU and Alabama, they'll be in the playoff mix, but it's easier said than done. 

As of now, from what we've seen on offense, this is not the eighth best team in the country.

2nd Most Overrated: No. 18 Utah >>>

2. No. 18 Utah

As pointed out on last week's list, Utah should be considered an elite team - and the Utes proved that this past weekend by dropping the game against a five-loss Arizona team. And again this weekend they'll face a team in UCLA that can give them some fits. 

People are still hanging on Utah's early success against teams that have turned out to be not-as-advertised, giving the Utes the benefit of doubt. This should not be the case. 

UCLA is coming off a bad loss against Washington State as it heads into Saturday's game and will be looking to bounce back against the Utes. If Utah can beat the Bruins, make it to the Pac-12 title game and win that as well, it will be interesting to see where they end up on the rankings. But as of now, after everything we've seen, this is not one of the 25 best teams in the country.

Most Overrated Team In Week 12 Coaches' Poll >>>

1. No. 24 Ole Miss

Ole Miss pulled out a victory against Alabama earlier this season, when the Tide had not yet found their rhythm, and that's the only reason it worked its way back into the top 25. But the Rebels don't belong here, no matter how bad the voters want to include the SEC.

Outside of beating Alabama earlier this season, Ole Miss has lost to Florida, Memphis and Arkansas and could very easily lose the next two games of the season. 

If the Rebels some how make it through LSU and Mississippi State unscathed, their resume with look much better, but it's not going to happen. The Tigers will look to bounce back after two devastating losses to Alabama and Arkansas, and will run all over Ole Miss this weekend. 

We've gone through this before, Ole Miss is not one of the 25 best teams in the country and should not be back in the rankings, just because it's in the SEC. 

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