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The 5 Most Overrated Teams In The Week 7 Coaches’ Poll

Not too much changed near the top of the polls this past weekend. 

Aside from Oklahoma's loss at the hands of rival Texas, the top 10 remained intact, with Texas A&M sliding up one position to No. 10. One team from last week's list - Northwestern - fell in defeat Saturday, when it became the latest victim of the raging Michigan Wolverines, 38-0. However, a shutout wasn't enough to drop the Wildcats out completely, as they are still holding on at No. 21. This week's group may not be so lucky. There are some clear pretenders in this week's Coaches' Poll, but not everything is a mistake. 

After becoming the first team since 1995 to post three consecutive shutouts, Michigan made another big leap in the Coaches' Poll, jumping all the way to No. 14. Baylor, after looking like the best team in the country for the past few weeks, jumped TCU and Michigan State and now sits at No. 2. 

A number of teams remained on cruise control without any challenges, while others narrowly escaped defeat. We’ll continue to work our way through the Coaches’ Poll each week to find the impostors and bring more significance to the rankings that have been earned. Don’t believe everything you see in the polls.

5th Most Overrated: No. 4 Michigan State >>>

5. No. 4 Michigan State

Injuries have plagued the Spartans all season long, and continued to do so this past weekend against Rutgers. And while fans don't want to believe so, they are officially vulnerable. Senior quarterback Connor Cook can only do so much with his protection dwindling in front of his eyes. And now Michigan State heads to Ann Arbor to face the red-hot Wolverines. 

I'm afraid their time has run out. 

The Spartans will break Michigan's streak of consecutive shutouts Saturday afternoon, but that may be a forgotten bright spot by the time the game has come to an end. The Wolverines' defense has been mean and aggressive, and Michigan State no longer has the experienced line it once had to combat that. It's going to be a long day for MSU in Ann Arbor. 

It's not that Michigan State hasn't earned its No. 4 ranking, because it has, it's because the injuries have officially caught up with the Spartans. At this point, with the team they'll put on the field Saturday afternoon against in-state rival Michigan, this is no longer the fourth best team in the country.

4th Most Overrated: No. 21 Northwestern >>>

4. No. 21 Northwestern

As predicted on last week's overrated list, the Wildcats were dominated by Michigan this past weekend. And I didn't even expect a shutout. 

Northwestern, instead of dropping out of the Coaches' Poll altogether as it should have, continues to hang on towards the bottom of the rankings. And with no competition in sight, the Wildcats might be there for some time now. The biggest competition left on their schedule comes this weekend at home against Iowa (also overrated). But just because the Wildcats will be able to wade through mediocrity the rest of the season doesn't mean I'll forget about them.

Catching Stanford during the first week of the season can only get you so far, and think the Cardinal would beat the Wildcats if they played today. Northwestern is not one of the best 25 teams in the country, and even beating No. 17 Iowa won't convince me of that. 

3rd Most Overrated: No. 17 Iowa >>>

3. No. 17 Iowa

The Iowa Hawkeyes are about as exciting as their schedule. I mean, they did beat No. 19 Wisconsin 10-6 at the beginning of the month, right? 

Not only do the Hawkeyes consistently have one of the weakest schedules in the Big Ten, but they typically have issues making their way through it, too. They're 6-0 on the year so far, but that's all coming to an end this weekend when they face the fourth most overrated team on this list: Northwestern. 

Iowa running back Jordan Canzeri has had success this season, rushing for over 600 yards and nine touchdowns through the first six games But this weekend will be his biggest test yet, as Northwestern provides the best defense the Hawkeyes will see all year. It's a lose-lose situation for them this week, at least regarding this list, because they just don't belong in the top 20. If they beat an overrated Northwestern team, nobody will be impressed. And if they lose, they'll prove that everybody was right about them being overrated. 

As for now, the Hawkeyes are not the 17th best team in the country. UCLA, Oklahoma, Northwestern and Cal - all teams ranked behind them - would beat them.

2nd Most Overrated: No. 25 Toledo >>>

2. No 25 Toledo

The Toledo Rockets may have stolen our hearts when they embarrassed Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema, stealing a 16-12 victory from the then-ranked No. 18 Razorbacks during the second week of the season, but that doesn't mean they belong in the top 25. Or, to be more clear, it doesn't mean they are one of the 25 best teams in the country.

Toledo hasn't faced quality competition this season (including Arkansas), and that won't change as it plays out the rest of the year. The toughest competition they'll run into during the final stretch of the schedule will be either Northern Illinois or Bowling Green. 

There isn't more to be said here. Toledo is absolutely not better than Georgia or USC - two teams that just fell out of the rankings - so they obviously don't belong in the top 25 ahead of those teams. 

Most Overrated Team In Week 7 Coaches' Poll ???

1. No. 1 Ohio State

For the second consecutive week, the Buckeyes find themselves atop my list. 

It's not because they don't belong in the rankings, because they obviously do. It's not because they're not a title contender, because they obviously are. It's because, after six weeks of college football, it has become pretty clear that Ohio State is not the best team in the country, and that's what this list is all about. 

Ohio State's offense has been up and down in 2015, lacking any kind consistency, and the defense - at times - has given up chunk yardage to teams that don't belong on the same field as the Buckeyes. And it all comes down to the quarterback position - as it has all year long. It's gotten so stressful that head coach Urban Meyer, when asked about the position, says he'd rather shove a rusty nail in his heel then answer another question about it. There is no clear-cut answer to the question, and therein lies the problem. If there's uncertainty at the quarterback position, that uncertainty can spread throughout the team like a virus. 

The Buckeyes will continue to win, as they really don't face any real competition until back-to-back weeks against Michigan State and Michigan to close out the regular season, but they haven't shown anything to make me believe they are the best team in the country. Last year, it was clear they were the best by season's end. But this year has been different. They belong ranked - and towards the top - but not No. 1.

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