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The 5 Most Overrated Teams In Week 2’s College Football Coaches’ Poll

After yet another great week of college football, fans got a look at the most recent Coaches' Poll Sunday afternoon. Virginia Tech saw the biggest jump, debuting at No. 19 in the nation, while some teams plummeted - namely Ohio State (11 spots), Michigan State (seven spots) and Stanford (six spots).

Per usual, this poll has a few teams that are overrated. Some are a couple of spots too high, some are way too high, and one team probably shouldn't be in the poll at all. Like last week, we saw some teams retain their positions in the Top 25 despite looking like they don't deserve their ranking. After two weeks, here are the most overrated teams in college football's Coaches' Poll.

5th Most Overrated: LSU >>>

5) No. 9 LSU

LSU probably deserves to be ranked, but putting the Tigers at No. 9 in the country seems a bit ridiculous. Sure, they're 2-0 and knocked off a quality Big Ten team, which is more than most programs can claim at this point in the season. But as we've noted before, LSU was very fortunate to escape its contest against Wisconsin with a victory. The win over Sam Houston State this past Saturday isn't really all that impressive either.

LSU's running game is solid, but it's possible that Les Miles & Co. are relying on it a bit too much. This past weekend, LSU elected to run the ball 58 times, racking up 334 yards on the ground. By contrast, the Tigers only threw the ball 18 times - an oddly low number for a game against inferior competition. And against the Badgers, quarterback Anthony Jennings only completed nine passes all night.

The Tigers will be competitive in the SEC West this year, like always, but it's hard to see them truly being a top ten team. We may not find out whether they're for real until October 4, when they play Auburn.

4th Most Overrated: Nebraska >>>

4) No. 21 Nebraska

Oh, how one week can change everything. In the Cornhuskers' first game, against Florida Atlantic, the team broke Big Ten records for offensive production. In week two, against FCS-level McNeese State, Nebraska needed a ridiculous 58-yard touchdown reception from Ameer Abdullah in the game's final minute to emerge victorious. Sure, the Cornhuskers are still undefeated, but it's hard to believe that they're really the 21st best team in the country after their most recent performance. 

Until Abdullah's game-changing play, the Cowboys had done an incredible job of keeping Nebraska's playmakers contained. Quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr. was effective all afternoon, but it's fair to say that he could have performed better. Jordan Westerkamp, who apparently has a knack for making amazing catches, was one of the only other Cornhuskers to make an impact on the game.

The Big Ten is down - there is no doubt about that. There's no reason that Nebraska can't post a solid league record to contend for a conference championship. But sadly, that still might not make them one of the best 25 teams in the country.

3rd Most Overrated: UCLA >>> 

3) No. 12UCLA

Last week, UCLA underwhelmed due to its alarming performance on offense against Virginia. This week, the Bruins offense was fine -- it put up 540 yards and 42 points on Memphis -- but Jim Mora's defense was concerning. While Memphis does have a nice offense, it shouldn't be able to hang 35 points and 469 yards on one of the best defenses in America, especially in the Rose Bowl. The silver lining to all of this if you're a UCLA fan is that the team showed that its defense can be great in the first game of the season, and that the team showed that its offense can be great in the second. Take from that what you will.

If anything, these performances should put Bruins fans at ease, because if the team ever puts together a complete game -- one in which the offense shreds an opponent while the defense smothers them -- UCLA can easily be a CFB Playoff contender. The issue is, it has yet to do that, and for that reason, the Bruins are overrated. Fortunately for UCLA, Texas looked terrible on Saturday, and the Bruins play the Longhorns this week.

2nd Most Overrated: Florida State >>>

2) No. 1 Florida State

Talent-wise, sure, you can make the argument that the 'Noles are the best team in America. You can even argue that, since they're the defending champions, they deserve the top spot in the country until someone knocks them off or takes it away from them. Just know that if we're operating off of a clean slate, there is no way that Florida State is the best team in America right now.

Of course, the team's 37-12 win over the Citadel was a little misleading, since the Bulldogs didn't score until the fourth quarter against the Seminoles' reserves. However, last year, Florida State was hanging 60 or more points on teams the caliber of the Citadel, and if an opponent hung double-digits on FSU, it was a bit of a surprise. The team hasn't been as explosive this year, and its defense hasn't looked like the defense that helped carry Florida State to a national title.

FSU looks a bit off, and the question is whether it's because of a championship hangover or the simple possibilty that the Seminoles just aren't of the same quality as the 2013 squad. Right now, it's hard to argue that the 'Noles have been better than teams like Oregon, Oklahoma, and Georgia.

Most Overrated: ??? >>>

1) No. 18 Ohio State

In no way is Ohio State one of the 25 best teams in America after getting embarrassed by Virginia Tech in Columbus. J.T. Barrett hasn't exactly looked convincing at quarterback filling in for the injured Braxton Miller, while Ezekiel Elliott hasn't done a good job replacing Carlos Hyde at running back. This has led to the Buckeyes' offense looking marginal over its first two games.

Just as concerning has been the play of Ohio State's defense. It has allowed 52 points in two games to Navy and Virginia Tech - solid teams, but they aren't exactly Baylor and Oregon. Whether this is because the team has struggled to replace guys like LB Ryan Shazier and CB Bradley Roby remains to be seen, but if you're an OSU fan, this has to be worrisome.

Fortunately for Ohio State, its next two games are at Ohio Stadium, and for how bad the team looked on Saturday night at home, the crowd was on fire. It also helps that its next two opponents are Kent State and Cincinnati, and both of those games should be winnable for the Buckeyes. That being said, they'll need to win games against quality opponents to truly justify being ranked.

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