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The 6 Most Influential Ohio State Buckeyes In Social Media

Who are the most influential Buckeyes?

Social media has become more relevant in college sports in the past few years. We've seen many coaches implement Twitter bans and many athletes post some things they probably shouldn't have. We want to take a more positive approach to student-athletes' use of social media by finding the highest Klout scores among college athletes.

Klout is a company that crunches social media data and measures how important someone is across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Foursquare and more. It spits out a number on a scale of one to 100. The higher a person’s number, the more influential he or she is across the web

Here are the top Klout scores among the Ohio State football team:

6. (Tie) Corey "Philly" Brown

Klout score: 62
Twitter Followers: 8,394
Twitter Handle: @phillybrown10

The junior wide receiver has become an integral part of Ohio State's offense this year. He even made an impact on special teams, returning a punt for a touchdown against Nebraska. It seems each week the play-by-play announcer will mention something about how Brown's nickname is "Philly" and that he doesn't want to be called that anymore. WIth his well-known byname and increased level of play, it's not surprising to see Brown make this list. I would describe him as a laid-back tweeter who casually keeps you posted on his daily activities. He will interact with fans and sometimes follows them back.

My boys showed out tonight shout out to the entire buckeye team!!! And buckeye nation I love y'all!!! #6-0

— corey brown (@phillybrown10) October 7, 2012

5. (Tie) Etienne Sabino

Klout Score: 62
Twitter Followers: 7,819
Twitter Handle: @bino6

Even though the senior linebacker is out right now due to a broken bone in his leg, his social media presence remains strong. Sabino is a leader at the linebacker position and his absence is noticeable. Sabino is a nice, simple tweeter, often tweeting about how blessed and thankful he is to be able to play for the Buckeyes. Like Philly Brown, he'll interact with fans that show support for him.

4. Jake Stoneburner

Klout Score: 64
Twitter Followers: 16,203
Twitter Handle: @STONEYeleven

An impressive 16K followers for this former tight-end turned receiver. Stoneburner may not be seeing as much action as he did last year, but he's still a nice weapon for the Buckeyes, especially near the goal-line. Stoneburner likes to keep his followers up-to-date on what shows and movies he's watching. He also frequently converses with teammates over Twitter and he has proposed to Emma Watson on at least one occasion.

3. Bradley Roby

Klout Score: 65
Twitter Followers: 10,110
Twitter Handle: @BradRoby_1

Roby is a tough defender who is full of what I think people call "swagger". He plays hard and fast, and has emerged as a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball; his avi symbolizes his style of play in a way. The sophomore is constantly tweeting about getting better, which is a scary thought for Big Ten offenses. He seems determined to become the best corner Ohio State has had in years.

2. Carlos Hyde

Klout Score: 66
Twitter Followers: 12,930
Twitter Handle: @King_Hyde34

Don't let his Twitter handle fool you: this big back is as humble as they come. Almost every day he tweets about what a blessing it is to play for the Buckeyes, and he also posts numerous inspirational quotes. It's no wonder that he's been playing better and better as the season progresses.

1. Braxton Miller 

Klout Score: 79
Twitter Followers: 46,572
Twitter Handle: @BraxtonMiller5 

No surprise here. With his cool, confident demeanor, highlight tape runs, and knack for making big plays, Miller has gained the admiration of Buckeye fans. He's not a prolific tweeter, but a simple "G'morning tweet" from the sophomore quarterback has gotten over 40 retweets. Like his fellow Buckeyes, he likes to tweet about how thankful he is to be playing for Ohio State.

He's the man. I bet his Klout score would be even higher if he followed me back...