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The Big Ten Is Dominating The Spring Game Attendance Standings

The spring football season is nearing a conclusion. While not every contest has taken place, the majority of college football programs have played their spring games. 

Who's dominating the spring game attendance standings? 

The Big Ten. 

">April 18, 2015

Ohio State set a national spring game attendance record on Saturday, when 99,391 people showed up to watch the Buckeyes' glorified scrimmage. Urban Meyer's team wasn't the only Big Ten squad that had a lot of people watch them play this spring. 

Here are the current spring game attendance standings. Keep in mind, not every game has been played and not every school plays a spring game. Schools can also basically claim whatever attendance number they want, since the ticketing process for most of these contests is far from an exact science. 


1. Ohio State - 99,391
2. Nebraska - 76, 881
3. Penn State - 68,000
4. Alabama - 65,175
5. Auburn - 62,143
6. Michigan - 60,000
7. Georgia - 46,815
8. Oklahoma - 42, 807
9. Clemson - 37,000
10. Missouri - 30,117