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The Cellphone Rule At Ohio's Best Golf Course Doesn't Apply To Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer lives on a golf course. The Ohio State coach, with his wife, Shelley, and his son, Nate, live in a multimillion dollar home at Muirfield Village, the Jack Nicklaus-designed course in Dublin, Ohio. The course is home to The Memorial and other massive professional golf tournaments. 

The course has a rule: no cellphone use on the course. 

That rule, though, doesn't apply to the three-time national champion head coach. 

This morning, Mike Greenberg of ESPN's Mike & Mike, which was broadcasting live from Columbus in anticipation of the Ohio State-Michigan State game, told a story about his time at Muirfield Village to Meyer. 

">November 20, 2015

His story:

Greenberg: I had the extraordinary privilege of playing Muirfield Village this summer. As you're going up one of the holes, they'll point out, 'That's Urban Meyer's house.' If you don't play golf every single day during the summer, you've got a lot more restraint than I do. Because that's one of the most genuinely beautiful places in America. 

Meyer: How'd you hit?

Greenberg: Not bad actually. I shot an 86, which is pretty good for me. 

Meyer: That's good. 

Greenberg: Funny story, what the heck I'll tell it. I'm sitting having breakfast before going out for my morning round. Our host is saying to me, 'we have a very strict cellphone policy here, so whatever you do, put your phone away.' Literally in that second, I look out the window and you're walking down the path, drinking a cup of coffee, talking on a phone. I said to (my host), 'what's up?' He said, 'Coach Meyer doesn't really pay much attention to the cellphone policy. 

Meyer: Why would you tell that? (Laughs)

When you're the head coach of the reigning national champions, you can do whatever you want.