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The Surprising Teams In The Top 10

How'd they get there and how will they fare from here on out?

There have been a lot of interesting storylines this year in college football. You have teams like Arkansas, Wisconsin, and Virginia Tech who all have fallen out of the national spotlight. You have Geno Smith and Braxton Miller launching themselves into Heisman consideration. Then there are the teams that have overachieved and offered fans unexpected success. When I look at the top 10, five teams stick out to me.

No. 4 Florida

It's really unfair for me to say that Florida is a surprise team because it was one team I didn't read up on enough before the season. I mostly went by the Gators' bowl game last year against Ohio State, where I wasn't impressed by what I saw. This year, the team defense looks great. Florida is fast and gets to the ball quickly. The ability to run the ball has helped the Gators win close games. I think that the team will beat South Carolina and be undefeated until they face Florida State in the last game of the season. Florida State has one of the best offenses in college football, and if Florida can stop them, the team will prove it's for real.

No. 5 West Virginia

Even though it finished last year strong, I wasn't high on West Virginia this season. I never trust teams with bad defenses. Luckily for the Mountaineers, its offense scores every team it's on the field. Despite the success, I remain a West Virginia hater. They'll lose a regular season game.

No. 6 Kansas State

K-State is another team I didn't know a lot about before the year. I knew that the Wildcats got whacked by Oklahoma last year and gave up a crazy amount of yards. That caused the same skepticism I had toward West Virginia; you need to be able to consistently stop people. But with Kansas State's ability to run the ball, I won't be surprised when the team beats West Virginia.

No. 8 Ohio State

Even as a Buckeye fan, I never considered them to be a top 10 team. One thing I failed to consider was how terrible the Big Ten really is. Now it seems that an undefeated season is probable.

No. 10 Oregon State 

Oregon State may not have been the most exciting team thus far this year, but the team wins, which is not something most people expected. The Beavers also beat two top 25 teams this year and have two more left on the schedule. If the team can get past Stanford and make it to the Oregon game undefeated, I'd expect the Ducks to have trouble with the in-state rivals.