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The Top 10 Craziest College Football Plays Of 2015, So Far

Michigan Wolverines head football coach Jim Harbaugh watches the action during the second quarter of the game against the Northwestern Wildcats.

ANN ARBOR, MI - OCTOBER 10: Michigan Wolverines head football coach Jim Harbaugh watches the action during the second quarter of the game against the Northwestern Wildcats on October 10, 2015 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Wolverines defeated the Wildcats 38-0. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

The 2015 college football season has been packed full of excitement. Whether you've been looking for wild finishes or spectacular feats of athleticism, college football fans have been fortunate enough to experience it all up to this point. 

We've seen Michigan State both save its undeafeated record and watch it dwindle away on last-minute miracles, we've witnessed game-winning plays that should have never been, and we've seen LSU running back Leonard Fournette make defenders look like something out of a circus act. 

It's been a crazy ride through the first 10 weeks, and as programs embark on the final stretch of the regular season, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate what we've seen thus far. Which plays stand out above the rest? Which plays left college football fans wondering what they had just witnessed? Which plays - if any - have etched a place in college football history? These plays define why we love this game so much, and we wouldn't change it for anything.

These are the top 10 craziest college football plays of 2015, so far.

No. 10: Braxton Miller's Spin Move >>>

10. Braxton Miller's Spin Move

It's not often you see a college football player teleport on the field, positioning himself on the back end of the defense and into open space, but Ohio State receiver Braxton Miller did just that during the Buckeyes' season opener against Virginia Tech. 

With only a four-point lead, Miller carried the ball out of the backfield into what looked like an inevitable tackle before breaking these poor Virginia Tech defenders' ankles. It was nasty.

">September 8, 2015

And if the real thing isn't enough to get your blood flowing, Reddit user randysgoiter made this awesome edit. 

What a move.No. 9: Michigan WR Amara Darboh's One-Handed Catch >>>9. Michigan WR Amara Darboh's One-Handed CatchEvery college football season provides fans the opportunity to witness some amazing catches, but Michigan wide receiver Amara Darboh's stands out above the rest.During the fourth week of the season against then-undefeated BYU, Darboh came up huge for the Wolverines on third down, making a ridiculous adjustment in the air to reach back and make this grab. Oh, and it was just days after becoming a U.S. citizen. Incredible, and Josh Norris of Rotoworld and SB Nation captured this Vine.The level of difficulty on this one is hard to comprehend.No. 8: Leonard Fournette Flipping Defender Over Shoulder >>>8. Leonard Fournette Flipping Defender Over ShoulderLeonard Fournette, despite being silenced this past weekend against Alabama, has been nothing short of an animal all season long. There are few running backs in recent memory that have put together single-season highlight reels like he has in 2015. During the third week of the season, it was Auburn's turn to look silly, and Fournette was happy to make that happen. Already up 24-7, the sophomore embarrassed Tigers defenders en route to this 29-yard touchdown run, flipping one defender over his shoulder in the process.

">September 19, 2015

He's not human.

No. 7: Nebraska's Game-Winning TD Against Michigan State >>>

7. Nebraska's Game-Winning TD Against Michigan State

Things had not gone as expected for the Nebraska Cornhuskers through the first nine weeks of the season, but the college football gods appeared to be on their side this past weekend against Michigan State.

With 17 seconds left in the game, Nebraska quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr. found Brandon Reilly streaking down the sideline for the go-ahead, 30-yard touchdown. Despite stepping out of bounds before reeling in the catch, the play was reviewed and confirmed, sparking plenty of controversy around college football. Yahoo's Dr. Saturday posted this video to Twitter.

">November 8, 2015

This ended Michigan State's undefeated season, as well as its title hopes. Ouch. No. 6: Tanner Mangum's Hail Mary Against Nebraska >>>6. Tanner Mangum's Hail Mary Against NebraskaBYU quarterback Tanner Mangum was nothing short of a miracle worker for the Cougars through the first couple weeks of the season.Mangum, who stepped in for injured quarterback Taysom HIll in the second quarter against the Huskers, came in and made an instant impact. With the game on the line, trailing 27-28 with no time left on the clock, Mangum took the snap, rolled right and tossed a miracle 42 yards downfield, connecting with wide receiver Mitch Matthews for the game-winner. Tim Sanders posted this video to Twitter.

">September 6, 2015

It was a shocker, and he somehow pulled off another Hail Mary the following week. Incredible.

No. 5: Ole Miss' Miracle TD Against Alabama >>>

5. Ole Miss' Miracle TD Against Alabama

Some plays just don't make any sense, and Ole Miss' touchdown against Alabama, just when the Tide were gaining momentum, takes the cake in that regard. 

Under immediate pressure, Rebels quarterback Chad Kelly threw up a prayer as he was getting clobbered. The ball bounced off of one Ole Miss receiver's helmet before landing in the hands of another, en route to this miraculous 66-yard touchdown, allowing the Rebels to hold onto their lead and upset the Crimson Tide. Huh?

">September 20, 2015

You'll probably never see that one again.No. 4: Arkansas' Miraculous 4th Down Conversion >>>4. Arkansas' Miraculous 4th Down ConversionThe Arkansas Razorbacks have been part of six different overtime periods so far in 2015, but the latest may be the most memorable. This past weekend against Ole Miss, needing a touchdown for a chance to either tie it or attempt a two-point conversion in the first overtime period, the Razorbacks converted a miracle 4th-and-25 after a hopeless, blind, over-the-shoulder lateral found its way into the hands of running back Alex Collins, who did the rest. There are no words to describe how lucky Arkansas was, and Yahoo's Dr. Saturday posted this video to Twitter.

">November 8, 2015

The Razorbacks ended up scoring and converting a two-point conversion to win the game, 53-52. Yikes.

No. 3: Georgia Tech's Blocked FG, Return Against FSU >>>

3. Georgia Tech's Blocked FG, Return Against FSU

Just when the Florida State Seminoles thought they were in position to win the game behind the leg of kicker Roberto Aguayo, the Yellow Jackets pulled the rug out from underneath them. 

Set up from 56 yards out, Aguayo's potential go-ahead field goal was blocked and returned 76 yards for a game-winning touchdown, handing the Seminoles their first regular season loss since 2012. It was incredible. 

">October 25, 2015

This is one that won't be forgotten anytime soon.No. 2: Michigan State's Miracle In The Big House >>>2. Michigan State's Miracle In The Big HouseJust when it looked like Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh was about to capture the first defining victory of his career in Ann Arbor, all hell broke loose in the Big House. With the 23-21 lead, the Wolverines were set to punt the ball away and play defense for one final play. However, the snap was bobbled, the punter spun around in an attempt to kick it out of bounds, it was recovered by Michigan State and returned 38 yards for the game-winning touchdown as time expired. It saved the Spartans' undefeated season, for the time being. 

">October 17, 2015

There was a lot at play here, but this legendary surrender cobra tells you everything you need to know about the moment. 


Craziest College Football Play Of 2015, So Far ???

1. Miami's Miraculous Kickoff Return Against Duke

If you're talking about crazy plays from the 2015 college football season, you can't leave out Miami's last-second kick return against Duke - one that featured eight laterals before turning into points. 

Following Duke's go-ahead touchdown with six seconds left on the clock, the Hurricanes picked up the ensuing kickoff and managed eight laterals before defensive back Corn Elder made his way into the end zone to pull out a shocking last-second victory on the road. It was ridiculous.

">November 1, 2015

">November 1, 2015

However, the play did not come without controversy. A still-shot eventually emerged showing Miami running back Mark Walton's knee may have been down before making his lateral.

Either way, Miami won the game and severely damaged Duke's chances at winning the Coastal division in the ACC.

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