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This Michigan Football Tweet Was Infiltrated By Ohio State Fans

Tuesday morning, Michigan's football program tweeted something that seemed pretty harmless. They were wrong - very wrong.

The Wolverines tweeted a hypothetical question out to its fan base.

The question was pretty simple.

"When we need one yard, who can we count on?" Michigan's Twitter account asked.

The tweet was accompanied by some photos of a Michigan practice. Check it out:

The tweet has since been infiltrated by Ohio State fans in a very expectable way. Every Buckeye fan on the planet is tweeting "J.T. Barrett" in response to the question. Barrett, of course, gained one yard on an iconic fourth-down run in the double-overtime win over Michigan in 2016. Ohio State fans are apparently never going to let the Wolverines forget that. Check it out:

Michigan's Twitter account had to see that coming, right? Because this was a fairly obvious outcome.

The rivalry never sleeps. Even on Twitter (especially on Twitter).