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Todd McShay On Braxton Miller, Brett Hundley: "Both Of Those Guys Need To Go Back To School"


We're at that time of year when many big-time players throughout the country have to make an extremely tough but crucial decision: should they return to school for another year at the college level, or should they jump and go pro? The question typically boils down to a few points: 

  • Is the player ready to go and contribute to an NFL team right now?
  • Could the player learn more or benefit from another year in college?
  • Has the player graduated yet, or are they close to earning their degree?
  • How much does money matter, and does this player need it immediately?

A few of the big names right now that are pondering these questions are quarterbacks Braxton Miller and Brett Hundley, of Ohio State and UCLA, respectively. ESPN NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay weighed in today on whether or not the pair should go pro -- he was quite clear in his opinion that they shouldn't:

Yesterday, Braxton Miller said that he feels that "he's ready" for the NFL -- clearly McShay doesn't share the same sentiment. Hundley appears to be on the fence, but there's a general feeling that he will return to LA for another season. Both of the quarterbacks, as McShay acknowledges, have great skills, and certainly have NFL futures ahead of them -- he just doesn't think that they are ready quite yet.

Both Ohio State and UCLA would benefit significantly from the return of their star QB -- we're sure that fans are waiting with bated breath for the official decisions.