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Watch: Ohio State Fans Chant Tommy Armstrong's Name As He Is Carted Off Field

Tommy Armstrong gives a thumbs up after being injured.


Tommy Armstrong, Nebraska's veteran starting quarterback, was just carted off the field after a very scary-looking injury. As he left the field, Ohio State fans chanted his name.

Campus Rush Ohio State correspondent Tino Bovenzi tweeted video from the field. As Armstrong is being taken off the field, you can hear Ohio State fans chanting "Tommy, Tommy." Eventually, chants of his full name continued as he was taken into the tunnel.

Nebraska football quickly put out a statement saying that the quarterback has movement in all of his extremities, but he was briefly knocked unconscious.

Our thoughts go out to Armstrong and his family. We hope that he makes a swift and full recovery.

Play at Ohio State has resumed after a length pause following the Armstrong injury. The Buckeyes lead the Huskers 24-3 late in the first half. We will continue to update the Armstrong situation as we learn more on the Nebraska quarterback's status.