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UNLV QB On Playing In Ohio Stadium: "I Expected It To Be Louder"

UNLV quarterback Armani Rogers was not impressed by the crowd noise today.

The Ohio State Buckeyes dominated the UNLV Rebels 54-21 today at Ohio Stadium, but despite playing in a hostile environment surrounded by one of the most ravenous fanbases in the country, one UNLV player claims he wasn't shaken up by the crowd noise.

In fact, he was a little disappointed.

"It was loud, but I expected it to be louder," UNLV quarterback Armani Rogers told reporters after the game.

Check it out:

Officially, Ohio Stadium holds 104,944 people, but according to ESPN the attendance was actually 106,187. That's a lot of people! It wasn't like the crowd was sparse.

So either Rogers was trying to play it cool, or he really does think Buckeye fans could've been a little more rambunctious, and it's probably a combination of both.

The score was 44-7 at the half, and I'm guessing the crowd checked out a long time before that.