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Here's What Urban Meyer Is Doing During Ohio State's Bye Week

Urban Meyer's wife, Shelley, took to Twitter to show her followers what her husband does on off-weekends when he's not poring over game film.

Life is stressful as a football coach. You're almost solely responsible for a team's performance week in and week out. And if you're Urban Meyer? Well, you've got national championship expectations. When you're a top-tier coach at a program like Ohio State, the bar of success is always sky-high, and with each failure the stakes get a little bit higher and maybe the doubters start to get a little bit louder.

That stress of meeting and surpassing expectations can eat you alive if you don't have a constructive way to handle it.

Looks like Meyer might have found his stress relief:

There's simply nothing like the calm, satisfying sight of a squeegee scraping off window gunk. After all, mindless, repetitive housework is sometimes the best way of decompressing, and it looks like Meyer is taking that approach seriously.

The Buckeyes take on Rutgers at home next Saturday at noon, E.T.