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Urban Meyer's Daughter Goes After Jim Rome Over Critical Rant

Gigi Meyer and her fiance.

Urban Meyer's daughters GiGi and Nicki have been very active in supporting their father as he draws criticism from those in the media.

On Tuesday, CBS Sports host Jim Rome took aim at the Buckeyes head coach, a day after he held a press conference to signal his return to the sidelines.

From Rome's show:

"Urban Meyer thinks the problem in this whole situation was that Urban Meyer was trying to be too good of a guy. The problem was not that he was covering up for a piece of crap on his staff. The problem was Urban was trying to be a saint.

That's all you need to know.

After being suspended for three games. After repeated attempts at press conferences, and interviews, and Twitter statements, Urban Meyer thinks that he's the victim. Urb still thinks that he's the good guy. And the only person that could possibly believe that at this point is Urban Meyer.

This guy's a liar. He's flat out lied. The only thing that this attempted rehab tour has proven is that he's a liar and he still has no idea what time it is. This guy's garbage. And this attempt to rehab his image is ridiculous. It's insulting. And nobody should believe what this guy says."

On Wednesday, Gigi Meyer replied to Jim Rome on Twitter in defense of Urban Meyer.

She had a few tweets along those lines, as Meyer continues to draw criticism upon his return from his three game suspension.

Meyer returns to the sideline on Saturday, when Ohio State hosts Tulane. The game is set to kick off at 3:30 p.m. ET.