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Urban Meyer Gets Redemption On 'SAFTB' Video

Urban Meyer smiles for the camera.

Ohio State's head coach corrected himself.

Urban Meyer didn't know what "Saturdays" are for. That's OK, but for some, it's a little embarrassing.

"Saturdays Are For The Boys" is a crazy-viral slogan started by Barstool Sports. It's since led to guys across the country filming themselves asking famous people "what are Saturdays for?"

Someone asked Urban Meyer this recently. He didn't know the answer.

Meyer instead said they were for the great game of football. That's a better answer than "for the boys," honestly.

Ohio State's head coach has since been told the real answer, though. His daughter, Nicki, made him correct himself.

She tweeted out a video of Urban and Shelley Meyer.

Check it out:

Well done, Urban.