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Urban Meyer: "Ohio State Should Be 'Lineman U'"


Fans, coaches, and players love to give their schools positional nicknames: Penn State calling itself as 'Linebacker U' is certainly the most widely-known (although UCLA and USC also claim the title), but we've seen others show up recently as well.

Today, Urban Meyer has staked a claim for Ohio State:

I can think of a lot of teams with good linemen, so I'm not sure that Urban's claim is entirely fair. In fact, Ohio State has only had two offensive linemen drafted in the past five years, which isn't exactly setting the world on fire. The Buckeyes have had four defensive linemen drafted in the same time period.

I think Meyer went just a bit overboard with this one, but there is no doubting that OSU has a ton of talent in the trenches -- I'll give him a pass.