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Video Of ESPN Host's Rant On Urban Meyer, Ohio State Is Going Viral

Bob Ley discusses the Urban Meyer suspension at Ohio State.

Many reporters got to Ohio State around 9 a.m. on Wednesday, when the Board of Trustees gathered to deliberate about the results of the Urban Meyer investigation. 12 hours later, they handed down a three-game suspension for the Buckeyes head coach.

The decision served to make very few happy. The Ohio State fans who don't believe Meyer did anything wrong obviously don't want their coach out for a quarter of the regular season, including a big game in Texas against TCU, while others see a three-game suspension as a half-measure, or a slap on the wrist.

That is where long-time ESPN host Bob Ley falls.

Bob Ley spoke about the Ohio State Urban Meyer suspension on today's episode of Outside The Lines.

He expressed his disdain for how yesterday took the focus away from the matter at hand—the issues between Zach and Courtney Smith—and placed them on the football field.

From Ley's monologue:

"So the Ohio State Board of Trustees spent 12 hours behind closed doors, then the principles in this drama emerge, and this is their response?

If a report from yesterday is accurate, that the trustees wanted no suspension of Urban Meyer, and the president Michael Drake did want a suspension, ultimately he got his way.

Dr. Drake, it is time to buy some new golf clubs, because you sir, are likely on borrowed time. The story, which should be about Zach and Courtney Smith, is instead about power and money—the power of a major college football coach, and the money generated when that program wins, even when it is led in practice next month for games two and three by a coach serving an unpaid suspension.

I am losing count in the ways the Ohio State is both feckless and beyond tone-deaf, but I fear that counting has just begun."

Bob Ley is certainly not alone in any of that opinion about what has played out at Ohio State.