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Radio Host Makes Bold Prediction Regarding Urban Meyer

A closeup of Urban Meyer clapping before an Ohio State football game.

LINCOLN, NE - OCTOBER 14: Head coach Urban Meyer of the Ohio State Buckeyes before the game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Memorial Stadium on October 14, 2017 in Lincoln, Nebraska. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)

We're still waiting on a decision to be made about Urban Meyer's future at Ohio State in light of the Zach Smith scandal. One prominent sports radio host thinks he knows how this is all going to play out.

FOX Sports Radio's Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discussed the situation at length during the Tuesday episode of the show. During it, Smith went on a long diatribe, comparing the Meyer situation with the recent one involved Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks.

Earlier this year, Cuban admitted to keeping reporter Earl K. Sneed on staff after multiple domestic violence accusations, something he called "a horrible mistake."

Like Cuban, Meyer was aware of 2009 and 2015 allegations against Smith, before firing him a few weeks ago.

From Jason Smith's Urban Meyer rant on Tuesday:

"There's enough evidence to fire Urban Meyer. You strip all of this away, and what he has done is keep a serial abuser on staff at Ohio State for a period of eight years. Eight years! Fostering an unsafe workplace environment for everybody on the job there. He knew in 2009, he knew in 2015, and then he still waited until this time to fire him. He did exactly what Mark Cuban did, and Mark Cuban is still running the Mavericks, because Adam Silver completely and totally sucks. Mark Cuban admitted that he kept the guy on staff because he didn't want to send him someplace else. Well, so he made it unsafe for your female employees to come to work, ah, that's nice.

But, there's enough to fire Urban Meyer. But we told you, that's not going to happen. He had to survive the Zach Smith day, and he did. Last Friday we told you, if he survives this day, Zach Smith's testimony saying Urban knew in 2015, if he survives today and tomorrow, he's going to keep his job as head coach. And what happened? Here we are on Tuesday, there's been no news other than what we've seen from Courtney Smith today, this news that Ohio State never talked to (her), all of these things.

So now suddenly, was the ball dropped by Ohio State? And what you're going to see over the course of the next week or 10 days, is a lot of 'oh I was supposed to talk to this guy, and this guy was supposed to talk to here, and I put this up the ladder, and yeah, we've really failed.'"

He and Harmon then discussed how things may impact Shelley Meyer, who they think might wind up taking the biggest hit. Smith doesn't see Meyer getting more than a one-game suspension this fall.

Smith: "Really the one who is going to wind up bearing the brunt is Urban Meyer's wife, the one who was in contact with Courtney Smith the whole time."

Harmon: "That's going to be the curiosity though, between what she signs up as a healthcare professional, versus being a friend, so that's a bit of a sticky wicket to work through."

Smith: "But look, I told you it doesn't matter, I told you Urban Meyer is going to keep his job. Because of all of these things. He's going to say he misspoke. He's going to say 'I did know what happened in 2015, and I passed it up the ladder,' and now there's a lot of lost statements, paperwork, nobody knows who was talked to in 2015... You're not going to hear anything about anybody knew anything.


There's going to be a lot of 'our investigation turned up nothing.' So instead, it's going to be a strong rebuke of Ohio State University, and maybe Gene Smith is going to get a suspended as well... Urban Meyer, same thing, maybe he has to go through sensitivity trading, one game suspension."

The full segment is available here:

The consensus opinion does seem to be moving towards Ohio State retaining Meyer after this issue. However, as you can tell from Smith's harsh criticisms, even many of those who believe that the Buckeyes will keep Meyer don't think they should.

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