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Urban Meyer's Daughter Retweets Messages Following Meyer's Apology

Earlier this week, Ohio State suspended head coach Urban Meyer for the first three games of the college football season. During the school's announcement, Meyer issued an apology to Buckeye Nation for the position he put the university in.

It was who Meyer didn't apologize to, however, that made headlines. Meyer failed to recognize the alleged victim in the situation, Courtney Smith - wife of former wide receivers coach Zach Smith.

A reporter asked Meyer what his "message" was for Courtney Smith. His response: "I have a message for everyone in this, I'm sorry we're in this situation."

Meyer was heavily criticized for his comments. 48 hours later, though, Meyer issued a statement apologizing to Courtney Smith and her children. "I sincerely apologize to Courtney Smith and her children for what they have gone through," Meyer said in a statement.

On Saturday morning, Meyer's daughter, Nicki, took to Twitter and retweeted several messages defending Meyer and addressing the situation as a whole.

Nicki Meyer has remained relatively silent in the face of the investigation, but has been somewhat active on Twitter. Earlier this week, she retweeted a statement from Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith's lawyer - a message that revealed the "facts" of the case.

The latest retweets appear to come in defense of Meyer, especially against those suggesting Meyer's apology gives credence to Courtney Smith's claims of domestic violence.

Urban Meyer will be sidelined for the first three contests against Oregon State, Rutgers, and TCU.