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Video: Bradley Roby Wanted To Do An "Ohio State Spin" As He Scored Game-Winning TD Last Night

Bradley Roby scoring the game winning touchdown.

Bradley Roby Spin Move

If you're a current-or-former Ohio State football player, and you score a touchdown but don't do a spin move before getting into the end zone, does it really count? 

Yes, it does. 

But, thanks to Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde, we're always going to expect that spin move from a Buckeye. The players expect it, too. Thursday night, former OSU cornerback Bradley Roby scored a game-winning touchdown for his Denver Broncos against the Kansas City Chiefs. 

">September 18, 2015

After the game, he expressed some regret. He wanted to do a spin move.

">September 18, 2015

Can you trademark a juke move? Ohio State should look into that.