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Video: Braxton Miller Asked About Seeing His Week 1 Highlights: "I Ain't Got Cable, Man"

Someone get Braxton Miller an ESPN3 login. After Wednesday's practice, the quarterback-turned-gamebreaking H-back was asked about seeing his highlights, including his ridiculous spin move, on Sportscenter all week. His answer was pretty funny: he doesn't have cable, he just uses Apple TV.

We're sure Miller still found a way to see the play a few times. As lineman Chase Ferris told, the spin move, which received its own Sport Science segment, was everywhere.

"I saw it on Facebook, I saw it on Snapchat, I saw it on Instagram, I saw it on Twitter," Ohio State offensive lineman Chase Farris said.

Luckily for Buckeye fans, Miller seems more concerned with making new highlights, rather than admiring his old ones.