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Video Breakdown Shows J.T. Barrett Did Pick Up First Down In Overtime Against Michigan

J.T. Barrett lunges for a first down against Michigan.

YouTube/Greg Storer

This video proves that J.T. Barrett did pick up a first down in the second overtime against Michigan.

Ohio State faced a fourth-and-one in the second overtime against Michigan on Saturday. The Buckeyes elected to go for it trailing 27-24 instead of attempting a field goal to send the game into a third overtime. J.T. Barrett attempted a quarterback draw and at first glance it looked as if he was held short, but this video breakdown proves he did in fact cross the first-down marker.

Here is the video courtesy of Greg Storer:

This is a play that the college football world is still talking about three days after it happened and it will likely be talked about for years to come. Ohio State went on to win the game on the very next play.

Nevertheless, this video, particularly the screenshot taken at an angle even with the first-down line, shows the ball cross before Barrett was pushed back and onto the ground.

This is good enough for me, how about you?