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Video: Chris Berman's Wildly Incorrect Statement During The NFL Draft

Chris  Berman talks about the draft.

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Chris Berman (or someone in his ear) screwed up in the first round of the NFL Draft Thursday night. 

Ohio State had three players taken in the top 10 - Joey Bosa at No. 3 to San Diego, Ezekiel Elliott at No. 4 to Dallas and Eli Apple at No. 10 to the New York Giants. 

After Apple's selection, the ESPN NFL Draft host made the following proclamation: Ohio State is the first college football program in history to have three top 10 selections in one draft. 

Here's video,

Do not rely on Chris Berman for your draft facts

— Deadspin (@Deadspin) April 29, 2016

"> from Deadspin. 

">April 29, 2016

Yeah, that's not right.

It was the first time Ohio State has had three top 10 picks in one draft, but the 13th time a college football program achieved it. 

It last happened in 2010, when Oklahoma had three players - Sam Bradford, Gerald McCoy and Trent Williams - taken in the top four.